Not very funny, but when you’re bored as hell, anything will do.



… Why?

June 18, 2007

So all of a sudden, I decided to set up a blog.

No apparent reason, no particular purpose. I was just sitting in my office, trying to validate some non-sensical Company Standard Operating Procedures, that are supposedly meant to help conduct the year-end audit for the company … or something like that … and this thought came up in my mind: Why not set up a blog?

Now, this guy sitting next to me is wondering why I’m not working as hard and feverishly as he is on his portion of the work. He’s probably thinking: “What the hell is Hasan doing? Why does he have a browser open in front of him? Where are the Spreadsheets he’s supposed to be editing? Who does he think he is, wasting away precious company time while I toil away, punching in data-entry after data-entry like a complete dog? By what divine right does he presume himself to be above company laws and able to pursue his own private ambitions whereas I am detained to the life of a miserable zombie, who has to carry out the same monotonous task of data-entry every … single … day … of every … single … week … of every … single … damn … month … of this godforsaken year!!??!? This is treachery! It is corruption and inefficiency that spreads to the highest levels of bureaucracy. I shall complain! I shall plead my case in front of the millions who appreciate the hard labor of the average data-entry operator who drives the nation! I demand JUSTICE!!! I DEMAND JUSTICE!!!”

Of course, he could be thinking something entirely different, like “What a hard-working lad that Hasan is” or “I wonder what I’ll have for dinner tonight”, but I couldn’t care less.

The point is, I was so bored, I had started predicting other people’s thoughts. Somehow I know that’s not a good sign. Add to that the fact that I had skipped lunch, preferring to gorge on herbal tea instead, and the butterflies in my stomach were getting more and more violent by the second, and that left me even less enthusiastic about my work. I had to rant. I had to rave. I was mad and irritable. I couldn’t possibly hope to let it out at my boss. Of course, I could just walk the ten steps to his office and let him know what I thought of him and the delightfully monotonous work he had handed me, but that would leave me in no position to approach him for my pay-cheque, much less expect to obtain a glorious certificate of internship and lustrous recommendation.

Hence, the only feasible option was this: setting up a blog where I could write down everything I felt was worth blurting out and where the world could read it. (Even if nobody does read this, I can simply pretend they do).

For now, let the inconsequential tirades begin!